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Volley Solitaire

The Solitaire Game on Alexa controlled by voice
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Alexa App Store: Click to see details

Company: Volley, Inc.

Contribution: Gameplay Engineer

Time Length: 9 months

Platform: Alexa

Language and tools: TypeScript, PlayCanvas Engine, Amplitude, CI/CD, K8s


Tripeaks Solitaire is a fun and challenging game for players of all ages. It's launched on Alexa devices and supports both tapping and voice control! You could say `Alexa, play Solitaire` to open the app and navigate the game using voice. We use google speech-to-text and Text-To-Speech (TTS) to provide the best experience. 

The rules are simple:

    ◆ Your goal is to move as many cards as you can from the top of the board to the bottom before deck runs out!

    ◆ You can only pick a card if it is one higher or one lower than the card you currently have.


That's it! And once you've cleared the board once, see if you can clear the board in fewer moves! Go for the longest streak you can!

My launched game features
Daily Incentive accumulate and collect over 8 hrs
Daily Login Incentive collect animation
Post game scoreboard and stats
Gameplay, Extra Cards and Wild Card 
Part of FTUE (First Timer User Experience)
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