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Volley games on Roku

The voice controlled games including the flagship Jeopardy!

Roku Channel Store: Click to see details

Company: Volley, Inc.

My role: Software Engineer

Time Length: 14 months ongoing

Platform: Roku TV

Language and tools: Brightscript, TypeScript, Roku release pipeline, Amplitude, CI/CD, K8s


Gameplay: Local Multiplayer, AI Bot generation and betting strategy, Daily Double, Final Jeopardy, Leaderboard.

Structure: utility components for tracking, bug tracking, staging/prod env setup, optimization. 



Jeopardy is a voiced controlled game on Roku TV platform. User could use their microphone on the remote to navigate the game. This game hub will contain well-known games like Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Karaoke. 

Our version of Jeopardy support single player mode and local multiplayer mode. Within each game the player will go through 12 clues in a 4 by 3 gird, with one of them being a surprise Daily Double. Then the user will hit their Final Jeopardy before getting the weekly leaderboard. The single player mode has 2 AI bot opponents to play against the real player. And the local multiplayer mode support 2-3 real players compete in the same match. We support the Roku TV remotes with voice input. For those doesn't contain a microphone, we also developed a web remote for smooth voice controlling game play. 

This game utilize the latest text-to-speech engine of elevenLabs which will generate the most human-like host speeches in lightning speed. 

The hype video for First Time users:

My launched features: 

Subscription page and prompt:

Web remote Final Jeopardy flow:

Main gameboard with 4 categories and total 12 clues:

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