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Smell Revived

First virtual reality smell training system

Smell Revived is the first virtual reality smell training system targeting Post-COVID smell dysfunction. This product is aiming to revolutionize the smell training experience. We strengthen the visual and aural stimulation related to a scent by designing corresponding unique lifelike VR experiences. By bringing Virtual Reality into smell therapy, we make the therapy experience more fun, engaging and effective. Users can visit virtual environments to recall the origin of a scent. Our VR system also quantifies the progress of recovery by designing unique scent quizzes. Therefore patients can keep an accurate first-hand record of their smell training journey. 


A Smell Revived system consists of a training pod, essential oil filling tablets and a virtual reality experience platform. Our training pod is wireless and lightweight. Users could pair their pod to a VR headset or mobile phone via Bluetooth. This pod redefines smell training to be portable, private and convenient.

Introduction Video:

Aim of Project:

Aim of this project is to help patients with smell dysfunction, for example, parosmia and anosmia, to better recover through the means of smell training. We hope to redefine smell training to be an easy-accessed and engaging experience. By providing a more thorough visual stimulation in virtual reality, patients can better retrain their brain and nose to recognize those smells. Therefore, we are aiming to shorten the smell-training time span, which now takes 6-7 months to retrieve the best result. We also provide a variety of smells across the scent spectrum. By extending the amount of scent you use in smell-training, patients will gain more stimulation of the sense of smell. This is recommended by professionals in otolaryngology. Also, we hope to raise more awareness of smell dysfunction after Covid-19. This simple symptom has a severe influence on patients’ daily lives. Smell-therapy can effectively ease the symptom if it is introduced widely to the patients. 


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Virtual environment:

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